Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's a gift....

Hi all..

These requested are from my buddy (Nyzal) for her buddy (Yune). hehehehe...Congrats to Yune for your new baby boy ( 1 Dec). Nyzal had requested these little cute monster and angry bird for Yune's kiddos.

little cute monster

little cute monster
it's for Iman Arissa
For her son, I made Angry Bird (red). This time it's quite big for big boy...hehehehhe

Iman Haikal

angry bird
red angry bird....
Yune, nice to see you...and love knowing my buddy;Nyzal....can't wait to make little cute monsters for your otomens..hehehehehe....Thanks for supporting Senget Handmade. ^_^


  1. babe, monster ko tuh sangat comel ok..aku sangat puas hati ngn kerja tangan ko..harap2 diarang suka ngn monster tuh..alwayz supporting u...