Monday, November 7, 2011

Backdated Entry....hehehe

Hi All...

This is backdated entry..Why? I'm quite busy lately...Here are some plushies I have made.... ^_^

Nora with little cute monster
 Actually I forgot to take the pix of cute monster..hehehehe.. Bz tahap gaban...This little cite monster are requested from Nora to her niece..So sorry to Nora coz I spelled  the name as VIVA not VIVI.....huhuhuhu...
Doremon for Syahirah
 This Doremon are requested from Yanti. My first attempt...So, this Doremon  looks thin..hehehehehe....

Guardian Angel for RHEA
 The Guardian Angel are special made for RHEA. A new baby girl from Adly and Fhata. Congrats guys! Such a lovely baby.......I think I need to improve this GA's neck..hehehehehe

pinky bunny

Well, this pinky bunny I made for a winner who joined JNTM Cycle 2. Thanks to Jal. I really enjoy to participate your Jellikid's Next Top Model Cycle 2. hehehehehehe.......

pinky bunny

Thanks guys!!!!


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